Investigating Nick Cave with guest artist Dana Helwick

Last week, Visual + Media Arts and Performing Arts joined to meet Dana Helwick from Art21 and The Glitter Goddess Collective. Dana is a visual and performance artist, educator, and coordinator for the Art21 Educators Program. 

Our teaching artists have worked with Glitter Goddess and Art21 content over the last couple of years, using contemporary art and artists as creative role models for teaching and learning, so it was awesome to have a guest artist who represents both organizations! 

First, the group looked at the work of Nick Cave, an Art21 artist who originated “Soundsuits”: surreally majestic objects blending fashion and sculpture. They are metaphorical suits of armor that produce sound. They were first made in response to the Rodney King beatings and evolved into vehicles for empowerment through performance. He works with choreographers, dancers, and amateur performers to bring his up-cycled visual pieces from the museum to the streets. 

With Dana’s facilitation, we celebrated his artworks and made connections to Youth’s work in FutureWorlds: The Visual Album. Here’s where you can learn more about Nick Cave:

— AM. Andrade, Visual + Media Arts Manager