First Look and Listen for Futureworlds Visual Album!

After nearly a year of lockdown, AS220 Youth has started to slowly reopen its doors! This session, youth in the Performing Arts Crew have been able to come in for recording and dance rehearsal sessions a few at a time. Staff have made sure covid guidelines are being followed and that the Delgado Studio and 3rd floor Dance Studio are always prepped for safety as we try to make the most of the new opportunities to meet up and make art together!

At our last community call, Apprentices agreed getting back into the studio was the highlight of the session. Enjoy a sneak peek at the first finished track and choreography from Performing Arts Crew.

SONG: “BLACK DOLLAR” Jay Lew & Marley

Choreography by: Suli, Asia, Bernard, Cassidy, Tracey, Arianna, Emery, Jordan