Community Tarot Deck & Exhibit

AS220 Youth is excited to share artwork by Youth members who took part in an amazing art fundraiser for AS220: Murmurations Tarot Deck. All images featured here are by Youth members but you can see all the cards (including work from Youth staff and alums) at the link below.

From AS220 Communications Director Dave Dvorchak: We are thrilled to announce an incredible collaborative fundraising effort by our artist community … all in support of AS220!

Over 80 artists with deep connections to AS220 from all around the city, the country and the world have come together to reimagine one card each from the tarot. Every card is a unique piece of art; together, they form a mesmerizing collection that supports the movement building work of AS220. 

Photos of each cards in the deck can be viewed by clicking here!

The tarot deck is called “Murmurations”. LUMUKU, a resident at AS220 and creative mind behind the project, says: “Starlings fly together just before dusk in remarkable, ever-changing formations called murmurations. Just as starlings move together through space and time to create something larger than themselves, the Murmurations tarot deck was made.”

Decks will be available to pre-order starting on Monday, April 19th until Wednesday, May 19th, 2021.

Murmurations isn’t just a deck of cards, though…it’s also a gallery exhibit! You can view the cards and the large-scale original works that they’re based on at the AS220 Project Space during the month of April. Gallery viewings are by appointment on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Email to schedule.