Youth work at the Aborn Gallery

Details of all shows in the May galleries, courtesy AS220 Galleries

In The Aborn Gallery!
Revolution Garden | AS220 Youth Visuals
Featuring work by:
RJay Banks, Chase Smith + M3TRO,-Kego, Ruby Lopez, Efrel Solares + Ganghis Kahn,
Paloma Lombardi-Ortiz, Allam, & Nadya Sotski

Allam Mella

To quote Kego, “Someone once told me that I deserve the world, and so, I am creating it.”
Revolution Garden centers the growth and expansion of 9 young artists committed to planting seeds of change with their work.
Centering queer + BIPoC femme expression, some concepts revealed in this collection can be hard to digest. From sketchbook documentation on experiences growing up as a queer femme to the exploration of femininity with how media skews our expectations of womxn, these works are the harvested harsh realities of marginalized perspectives.
The collection is compelled by a world that has been created by the works themselves. This is our community. Be with us. Share. We ask that you water this garden as we shed light on the revolution. – AM. Andrade, Visual + Media Arts Manager

Paloma Lombardi-Ortiz

Gallery by appointment contact or DM. Visits available Tuesday-.Thursday & Saturday