AS220 Youth centers artmaking in a social justice context, culminating annually in the AfroFuturist inspired Futureworlds showcase. Every year our young people unite to present a youth-led, year long multimedia project that blends elements of art, popular culture and visionary fiction to reimagine a more just and equitable world free from systems of oppression. It has taken the form of a fashion show, festival, and a play.

“FUTUREWORLDS is a multimedia mixtape. A living collage. A walking anthology. A breathing literary magazine. The purpose of Futureworlds is to give young people the space and resources to create highly visible work that transforms the way we think about art, community and justice. We use design thinking as a framework to develop projects that not only create social awareness but that also offer potential solutions and/or ways of being.” –Anjel Newmann, AS220 Director of Programs

Photos by James Lastowski

Check out what it takes to build Futureworlds: