Futureworlds Fashion Shoot

Youth-designed fashions are central to the Futureworlds production every year, which often includes a runway show. The fashion show centers womxn and femmes of color and features their custom up-cycled looks. Photos by Allam Mella. Models are Ronnie Strew, Dasani Baker, Asialiah Delgado. Designers are Jose Bryant, Paloma Lombardi-Ortiz, Ruby Lopez, Kego, Ronnie Strew. [All…

Fruition การบรรลุผล

Sunday November 4th AS220 Youth members modeled for Fruition การบรรลุผล, a collaboration between Apparel Instructor and alum Ming aka Mr. PPho and Visuals Coordinator Nick Carter aka ASMR Homegoods.     Check out some pics of our members in the fashion show below.