Art in the face of injustice

The artists of all ages at AS220 have come together to respond to racial injustice in recent weeks. Enjoy the work that artists of AS220 and the greater Providence community have been creating.

Youth Studio Closed Through Spring Session

Following guidance from RIDE and the state, we have made the decision to keep our physical programming closed through the end of the Spring session. Spring session typically runs through the first week of June, followed by a planning period for Summer session. With this in mind, we have our sights on being back in…

NLA Arts Week Photography

Last week was the first ever virtual Arts Week! Nowell Leadership Academy students chose between Photography and Music Production/Songwriting crews to spend their week in. Media Arts Coordinator AM Andrade shared some of his students’ work from home. He acknowledged the challenges of creating the magic of Arts Week remotely, but had a great response…

RITS Blog: Photos & Poems

Some of our most talented artists are working from inside the RITS! Check out work from Winter session workshops with teaching artists AM Andrade, Devin Porter, and Saulo Castillo.

AS220 Youth Continued Closures

After much consideration, we have decided that AS220 Youth will remain closed to the public through the whole month of April. It was not an easy decision, but we know the most important thing we can do right now is keep our community safe through social distancing. This means that Spring Session won’t start as…