Photos from Futureworlds: Amerikkka Better Have My Money

We’re already nostalgic about the Futureworlds visual album premiere last month! The videos from the visual album drop on November 5th. In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the live event. All photos by James Lastowski.

A Day at Work on the Murals

Follow our new Visual Design Instructor Al on a journey through the evolution of this mural piece for Futureworlds! Lily and Kego created amazing flowers  and patterns for the sides!!  Ronnie created the galaxy clouds and stars  We talked about influential artists such as  Yayoi Kusama and Jean Michel Basquait We added a Sun and…

A look back at Fall Showcase

View some of the painting, apparel, and digital work Apprentices made during the fall. During Showcase last month, Apprentices in both crews shared their work virtually and presented some of their thought processes behind the work. Here are a few examples of the amazing work that was shared this fall.

Summer Blog: Space Design Pattern Making

Space Design participants created patterns for their spaces they’re creating. They’ve been sharpening their skills on Procreate this summer, working on iPads from home with help from coordinators Simcha and Ysanel. Check out a few samples of the designs below!

Visuals Blog: Art Response

Visuals Apprentices have been creating work at home. One of their recent assignments asked them to respond to a piece of art found in a museum of their choice. The assignment was inspired by a recent social media trend of recreating famous works of art at home under hashtags like #MetTwinning #tussenkunstenquarataine #betweenartandquarantine and more….

Sign Up For Intensive Workshops

After the success of Devin’s Beatmaking intensive, we’ve got three more intensives coming up this session. Check out the flyers below for more info and sign up by emailing or sign up in person at the studio.

Visuals Blog: MassArt Portfolio Reviews

It’s college application season and several youth members are interested in applying to art schools, one of which is Massachusetts College of Art and Design AKA MassArt. Just down the road in Boston, MassArt has a variety of fine arts majors to choose from. Jenn Recinos, an Admissions Officer from the college, visited AS220 Youth…

Visuals & Media Blog: Gallery Field Trip

Apprentices are off and creating on Futureworlds 6! Youth members have chosen to focus on mental health and healing as their topic for the sixth iteration of Futureworlds. Much is still up in the air about the content and form, but Apprentices are already hard at work researching. To do some off-site research, Media Arts…

Installation at Dirt Palace

Check out the installation of the set pieces from Futureworlds: Escape From Jollyworld at the Dirt Palace window. This artist collective generously offered us their window space in Olneyville Square. The youth artists that contributed to the pieces in the installation are: Branson Tucker-Smith, Desmond Andrews, Jahrell Walker-Smith, Javie Hamel, June Santos, Keely Roberts, Lily…