Visuals Blog: Jim Drain visits AS220 Youth

Providence-based artist Jim Drain stopped by AS220 Youth last week to visit with the Visuals crew. He talked to us about his work and some collaborative projects he’s been a part of, and we showed him our set and costume designs for Futureworlds 5. –Nick Carter, Visuals Coordinator

Visuals Blog: Envisioning Jolly Products

The Visuals team at AS220 Youth is getting ready for Futureworlds 5, and part of the project has been designing Jolly-brand products that exist in the realm known as Jolly World, where much of the FW5 story takes place. Here are some sneak peaks of Jolly Juice and Jolly Puff.  –Nick Carter, Visuals Coordinator

Visuals Blog: Desmond and Giacometti

Youth member Desmond Andrews has been looking at the paintings and drawings of Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss artist from the mid-20th century. Desmond’s work is heavily inspired by anime and manga, so mixing in the wild, searching lines of Giacometti’s portraits has made for some really interesting results. –Nick Carter, Visuals Coordinator

Painting from the Training School

Recently, Youth Visuals Coordinator Nick Carter facilitated a painting workshop at the Rhode Island Training School, the state’s juvenile detention center. Students painted portraits of fallen friends, favorite artists, cosmic abstractions, and emotive appeals for their release. Some of the most talented young artists live out of sight, behind bars. AS220 Youth works to connect…

Visuals Blog: Monotypes

This session we were given the script to Futureworlds, and after reading it, reviewing it and gathering inspiration, the visuals crew has started bringing the writing crews characters and scenery to life. We’ve started designing costumes and backgrounds for the play. We’ve also made art, inspired by parts of the script. The whole crew has…

Visuals Blog: Printshop Posters

It’s Poster Season!!!!!! Most anything can be made into an amazing print image. These are some drawings and doodles youth turned into screenprint posters and small flyers. These are all images that were stuck in their heads or in notebooks- as prints they look great. Photoshop skills are on Mondays, Screen printing is every Tuesday…

Visuals Blog: Lettering

Visuals apprentice Branson Tucker-Smith has been working in his graffiti style lettering. He documented his process for a recent piece he made for fellow Youth member Di and her son Moses. –Nick Carter, Visuals Coordinator

Visuals Blog: Personal Projects at the Printshop

Just because holiday season is over doesn’t mean you can’t make things for the people you love. Screen printing this session is helping youth develop both personal projects and business endeavors. We can support you in making most anything into reality, like birthday party-ware.  –Kyle, Visuals Instructor

Fall 2018 Reflections

SCRIPTWRITING AND MUSIC “During the fall session, students have excelled at producing work that stimulates and provokes conversation. In preparation for future worlds, our music apprentices created scripts that developed stories affected by Addiction. At the Rhode Island Training School students have been exploring the art of theatre through reading several modern pieces including Mountain Top by Katori Hall, Cloud…

Nowell Leadership Academy Arts Week

NLA Arts week happened last week with a new twist: around 80 NLA students from both Capital (Providence) and Central (Central Falls) campuses spent the entire week at AS220 Youth and Industries. Students had the studio to themselves and it was an exciting week of art making, performances and learning. The week was capped off…